“Marie is a gifted and powerful healer. I feel the presence of the Divine as soon as I enter the healing space. Each session we’ve had has been uniquely profound at the physical, emotional, and mental levels. She safely and compassionately guides my self-healing as I need it.
‘Physical disease is often a manifestation of emotional, mental or karmic patterns. Addressing only the physical symptoms may alleviate the pain temporarily, but for me, this has never led to a cure. Marie’s method is holistic and supports self-healing. When the body is allowed to heal on it’s own, it never forgets. I am grateful to have Marie help me along this healing journey.”
Betty – Art Director
Never have I felt more at peace and present in the moment. A truly beautiful healing experience from a truly beautiful soul.
 Gordana B ~ Artist
“It is my joy and pleasure to recommend Marie as a healer. Marie has connected to Source and found some most compassionate, gentle, yet highly effective ways to help the body heal itself.
Her skills as an energy healer using Reiki and Biodynamic techniques are exceptional. Marie listens to her body and intuition to sense the blocks in her clients and allows the channels to open up for genuine healing. My series of weekly sessions for a month were instrumental in helping me continue to heal some very old issues with grace and ease.
Call Marie. You will be so glad you did. “
Mimsy Reid – Kundalini Yoga Instructor
“I have been fortunate enough to receive both Biodynamic Cranial and Reiki modalities from Marie.  I can say without a doubt that she has been blessed with the sacred gift of healing from our creator – magic hands or magic “Michelin” hands! 
With her heartfelt compassion, genuine care and mercy towards others, I feel that she is the perfect candidate for providing such spiritual work in service to her fellow man.  Now the experience of actually receiving her spiritual healing sessions have left me in shock and awe a couple of times, inspiring to say the least as I have been left feeling that I have been touched by the hands of an angel. I have noticed drastic temperature changes and feeling uplifted from the sessions. On a few occasions,  I have also felt the connection to the universal source energy and have sometimes had to double take on whether she is physically touching me as the sensation of touch and movement seems to be bigger than what is actually happening. 
I can tell something is responding internally as I feel a sensation of waves and spiral movements come over certain body parts.  I am gifted spiritually also as I am able to see/feel energies and colours, and am able to see Marie’s energy field expand when she is in her higher consciousness trance for her treatment sessions. 
I am inspired and curious to see what else these two modalities can do to help me in my own healing journey and as she progresses to attain her mastery.  I can definitely feel that Marie vibrates and radiates positive love energy as she holds the space for my body to heal in our sessions. 
Thank you once again for sharing your energy and look forward to more sessions – with even more shock and awe encounters to come!” 
Cecilia ~ Owner of Lia Productions