About Marie


Marie’s Story

In 2007 I moved from Toronto to Vancouver for love and change in my life.  Little did I know at that time how transformative the next years of my life would be.
I discovered the world of Reiki after being gifted a treatment.  I experienced warmth, relaxation and surprisingly an enormous amount of heat in my body that left me in a state of awe.  Shortly after,  I decided to begin learning Reiki and sharing it with others due to its simplicity and mystery.
In 2013 I began receiving sessions of various healing modalities with an intention to explore the potential that exists. Following a few sessions of Biodynamic Craniosacral and after witnessing a demonstration, I began my two year journey as a student of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy as I felt such a resonance to the teachings and what the therapy had to offer.
Since then, I have been captivated by the incredibly slow long tide and stillness of the therapy.

What came before Reiki and Biodynamic Craniosacral was compassion

In 1979 my family left Vietnam amongst the thousands of other “Boat People” in hopes for a better life and opportunity in a different country.  We stayed in an overcrowded camp in Hong Kong for six month, and were finally notified that we had sponsors in Canada. Shortly after arriving in Canada, our family adopted Merritt and Arlene, two of our sponsors as a part of our family as we wholeheartedly acknowledged their efforts and hearts in guiding, providing and caring for us as they have done with their own children and grandchildren.
It was through the loving and compassionate acts of open hearted humans that my family was given a new life. This momentous event continues to be an ongoing source of inspiration for me knowing how humans can offer so much to one another with the choice to be kind. Therefore, from this place of knowing, I easily extend my heart of compassion to you and your healing journey through the healing modalities I have been so blessed to learn.
As I have continued on my healing and life path, I have been reminded and made aware so clearly that my gift is to hold space and offer a state of presence for others.  And, in this relational space that is shared, what begins to unfold comes from an Intelligence that some may call Grace, which has all the resources available for returning us to wholeness, as we were created.  This is the magic I am so blessed to be apart of.